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Custom Auto Work

Create The Car You’ve Always Wanted

We’ll Build a Car That Meets Your Needs

Transforming the car you have into the car you want takes expertise—if you want it done right. Tell Big Dog Motorsports what you want to do and we’ll make it happen with our custom auto services. From your daily driver to a car for the track, we have the people, parts, and know-how to give you the driving experience you’re looking for.

Customize Your Daily Driver

Do you want custom body panels added to your car? A custom suspension with a correctly adjusted ride height and alignment? An engine tune on your BMW or MINI? Big Dog Motorsports can make just about any customization to your car—and we’ll do it correctly.

Build Your Track Day/HPDE Car

Some shops will sell you stuff you don’t need just to get your money. We do things the right way here at Big Dog. We’ll take our experience to give you advice on what’s useful and what’s fluff.

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Performance Upgrades

Get a custom suspension, add performance brakes and tires, and get your car ready for the track with our performance upgrades.

Custom Builds

Customize your daily driver or get the vintage or historic car you’ve always dreamed of. Big Dog Motorsports is the place to make it happen!

We’re the Rock Hill, SC area’s experts in European auto repair, racing instruction and coaching, and custom built cars.

Here’s Where We Focus


We recommend making safety modifications before doing anything else. A performance car seat and racing harnesses will allow you to drive the car without having to brace yourself with the steering wheel. It will also keep you from getting thrown around inside the car in the case of an off-track experience.

Brake Pads

Most novice and intermediate HPDE students overlook their brake pads. But at some point (and perhaps frequently) you may experience brake fade or loss. While you may be told that you’ve boiled the fluid in your calipers, this is often not the case. Most of the time, the pads become overheated and lose effectiveness. You probably don’t need a brake bleed or bigger brakes. You really just need the correct brake pad. We have an extensive database of what works for all cars, from Mustangs to Porsches.

Suspension & Chassis

Next you’ll want to improve your suspension and chassis. We can install and custom tune a coilover set that will be appropriate for both street and track use or just for the track. Again, we have access to data that will provide the best set-up for you and your car.

Chump & Lemons

Do you need a cage for your Chump or Lemons car? Help with the electrical system after you gut your $500 beater? Installation of your safety equipment? Come to Big Dog Motorsports

With this type of racing, you’re building a car for endurance. The key to being successful is having a safe car that provides driver comfort throughout those two-hour stints. Don’t overlook any of these important features. Our expert fabricators will build the highest quality cage and install your seats and safety equipment correctly.

Combined with our coaching package, we may find other modifications that can be done to the chassis, brakes, and suspension of your car that will shave seconds off your lap times.

Full Club Race Builds

Yes, we can do it all. We can even source a donor chassis for your race car. From fabrication to engine performance builds to suspension and brakes, the cars we build are built to win!­

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