A Custom Built Car Is the Ultimate Driving Experience

What’s better than driving a high-performance car? Driving one that’s been customized to your particular specifications. At Big Dog Motorsports, we can make those dreams a reality. Our team of mechanics and performance experts will take your ideas and turn them into results you can see—and feel—every time you get behind the wheel.

Ensure You’re Driving a Safe Car

The key to being successful is having a safe car that also provides driver comfort for those two-hour racing stints. Do not overlook either. Our expert fabricators will build the highest quality cage and install your seats and safety equipment correctly.

Combined with our coaching package, we may find some modifications we can do to the chassis, brakes, suspension of your car, that will shave seconds off your lap times.

Full Club Race Builds

We also build vintage and historic cars for club racing. We can even source a donor chassis for your race car. From fabrication and engine performance builds to suspensions and brakes, the cars we build will be built to win!

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