Service & Repair on All Makes & Models, Specializing in BMW Repair & MINI Cooper Repair

Tired of spending tons of money at the dealership for your European car? You’ll save yourself the hassle and keep cash in your wallet when you come to Big Dog Motorsports in Rock Hill, SC for European auto repair, including BMW repair and MINI Cooper repair.

Full-Service Maintenance & Repairs

From the largest European car repairs to the smallest, our team can handle them all!

  • Routine maintenance
  • Oil changes
  • Tune-ups
  • Brakes
  • Check engine lights
  • Replace hoses and belts
  • Cooling systems
  • Auto air conditioning
  • Auto electrical service

We offer service, maintenance, and repair for:

  • BMW

  • MINI Cooper

  • Jaguar

  • Land Rover

  • Mercedes

  • Porsche

  • Volkswagen

  • Volvo

Expert Car Diagnostics, Same as the Dealership

You know something’s wrong with your vehicle, but you’re not sure what it is. You may think your only two choices are to pay way too much at the dealership or go to an auto parts chain that has a car diagnostic scanner—but may not really understand your European car or SUV. But there’s another option right here close to home for the accurate diagnostics you’re looking for. Big Dog Motorsports uses the same technology the dealerships use so you can feel confident in the advice and repairs you’re getting.


Autologic & ALLDATA--The Industry's Best Diagnostics

Big Dog Motorsports uses the Autologic diagnostic tool, the same diagnostic equipment used by European car dealerships. We’re able to give you accurate information about sensors, check engine lights, and other components of your vehicle’s electrical system. We also subscribe to ALLDATA, the largest and most comprehensive database for OEM auto repairs and maintenance. Using these resources, we can shorten the time from accurate diagnosis to successful repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I take my care to a European/foreign car specialist versus the dealership/regular mechanic?
This takes a 2 part answer – An “Indy” European shop will typically cost you 20% to 50% less than a dealership, and you will have the opportunity to really get to know the people working on your car.- Second, a regular mechanic, and especially chain shops, will likely not have technicians that really know your car. They may also not have the appropriate computer to fully communicate and diagnose your car. Both of these issues can lead to un-needed repairs, incorrect repairs, and likely will end up costing you more than any other option in the long run.
Do you offer pre purchase inspections?
We do, and highly recommend you have one done prior to buying a car from a used car dealer or individual. We have done many, some we advised the client to walk away from the deal, some we gave the client a list of repairs needed so they could go back and negotiate the price, and in very few cases, we gave the car a clean bill of health along with an advisory on what repairs and maintenance they should anticipate with that particular car. We have many customers who have spent a lot of money doing repairs that the seller likely knew were needed, because they didn’t get a PPI.
Can I bring my own parts for you to install?
Rarely. If you buy the parts through us, our wholesaler warranties the parts, and we know that we are using original equipment and will warranty the labor. If it’s a classic car and parts are no longer available, and you can find a used or NOS part, we may install it.
But some parts are cheaper on the internet, why can’t you match those prices?
Well, most internet shops don’t have the overhead Indy shops do. Many will actually have orders “drop-shipped,” meaning they take the order and a dealership ships it out directly, thus the internet shop doesn’t even need to have inventory storage. The other problem is many internet shops sell Chinese knock off parts, that typically do not last very long.
Do you offer body upgrades/modifications for my European car?
In many cases, yes. We work with a bunch of aftermarket product suppliers that we know have great products. Anything from cosmetic upgrades, engine performance, brake kits, drivetrain upgrades, there are many options out there for most European models. There are some companies we prefer not working with as we have seen problems with their products. Call us and we can discuss what would be best for you.
I read on the forums……..?
We’ll stop you right there. There are thousands of people on the forums answering questions. Very few actually come up with the right answer. Today’s cars are so fully computerized, that without a compatible diagnostic tool, and experience seeing a lot of cars, in most cases it’s all guesswork.

Highly Trained European Car Mechanics

What makes us the auto repair shop of choice for foreign car owners in our area? Our European car mechanics are trained to take care of the latest models and the newest technology. In fact, our lead technician, Robert Cantrell, has over 40 years of auto repair experience. Combine this know-how with our excellent customer service and it’s clear that we’re carrying on the tradition of the finest service in the area.

We Use OEM & Aftermarket Parts

After inspecting your car and diagnosing the problem, our technicians will give you their expert recommendations for the repairs. We use OEM parts and can often get what you need from our suppliers the same day you approve the work. We also work with many aftermarket suppliers. If you want to modify your car, we can handle that, too!


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We Do What’s Best for Your Car

Sometimes, OEM service recommendations aren’t good enough. The manufacturer may tell you to get an oil change every 15,000 miles, but that’s just wrong. For a car that’s mostly driven around town, 5000 miles is a better bet. We’ll do what’s best for your car every time you come to our auto repair shop.

Have trouble keeping up with your scheduled maintenance? Let us do it for you! Customers of Big Dog Motorsports are entered into our own private database. We’ll text or email reminders to you when your car is due for regular service. And rest assured–we’ll never share this information under any circumstance.

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